Horary Clock

The Horary clock cycle is based around the body and the 12 meridians of the body with an influence of the Sun (yang) and the Moon (yin).  The 2 hour horary times are based upon the movement of the Sun with 12 o’clock midday being the highest yang point, moving through the afternoon to 12 midnight, the highest yin point.  The 24 hour cycle is divided up into each of the 12 meridians 2 hour period of maximum activity:

Lung                            3 – 5 am

Large Intestine            5 – 7 am

Stomach                      7 – 9 am

Spleen                         9 – 11 am

Heart                          11 am – 1 pm

Small Intestine            1 – 3 pm

Bladder                        3 – 5 pm

Kidney                         5 – 7 pm

Pericardium                  7 – 9 pm

Triple burner                9 – 11pm

Gall Bladder               11 pm – 1 am

Liver                             1 – 3 am

As you can see from above the stomach energy is strongest in the morning, 7 – 9 am, so eating a big breakfast is the right way to start the day.  The Chinese say eat like a king in the morning, a prince at lunch and a pauper at night.  In the west we eat our biggest meal at night when our stomach is at its weakest energy level.  This can bring about organ cycle disharmony and show up as symptoms of indigestion or disturbed sleep.

People can use the Horary clock to help re balance the body from jet lag or sleep problems.  As a Chinese Health practitioner I use the clock to help diagnosis some imbalances.


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